What we do!

Tech4primary offers a range of design & technology activities aimed at early years and primary schools.

We understand that teacher’s workloads can be huge & budgets are tight making the time to plan & resource lessons really tough. Tech4primary offer affordable STEM packages suited to your needs to make lessons exciting & inspire children to discover & invent things for themselves.

With backgrounds in Engineering, Design & Education, Tech4primary has the experience to deliver stimulating workshops to help create tomorrows inventors.We can help you with 3D modelling & 3D printing, data logging, programming & coding, robotics, logic, simple machines & mechanisms, electricity are all areas that we can help you with.

Let us know what help you need. We can supply what we know will work out of the box to take the worry out of setting up. We offer school visits to do workshops with staff and / or children where everything is included to make lessons fascinating and successful.  We use dedicated partners with some amazing products, all tested & tried out by us to make sure they are suitable.

Tech4primary can also provide a tailored package for after school clubs where we will provide a terms worth of really cool stuff!

If you would like us to visit you to discuss any requirements you may have please contact us & we will be only too happy to arrange a visit.

We have enhanced DBS & full liability insurance.

A bit about Chris!

I was lucky to have been able to spend most of my childhood tinkering with all sorts of things. My Father showed and encouraged me to take on almost any task, he showed me that no matter how complicated something seemed that it could be broken down into small manageable tasks. From building tree houses, go karts, setting up a Morse code network between my friends’ houses (way before internet and mobile phones!), coding machines, rafts, boats, Lego, Meccano and some very dangerous stuff which I should not really mention! It all gave me the confidence to try anything and not to be afraid of failing. If something did not work I kept at it until it did. I loved to discover why and how something worked so the natural career to get into was engineering. After qualifying with a BA Honours Degree in Engineering and Business I got a job straight away designing machines that did all sorts of things from making ladders, assembling 3 pin electrical plugs, car door hinges, medical test equipment and even an automated mushroom picker! I was fortunate enough to have found myself travelling all over the world doing something I loved and getting paid pretty well for it too! I got to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds which I found fascinating and learnt lots of lessons.

After nearly 20 years I began to get disillusioned and started to think that I would be better off doing something else but what? Outsourcing and global supply was something we were forced into because of many reasons, one being that the skill level in the UK was not suited to our requirements. Time and time again I saw raw recruits coming out of University without any real passion for what they were doing. Most were missing the fundamental mind-set for Engineering and Design, the ability to think outside of the box, to change or improve something or to invent something new. It is not enough to be able to write a good report, to be part of a project team with a defined task, just plodding along maintaining databases and wasting away! Germany has always been seen as having top class engineers, large companies have recognised that there is a shortage of good engineers and that shortage will become critical in the years to come. As a result of this some have started to invest heavily in primary education in order to spark an interest in Engineering from an early age. This interest must be instilled in children from an early age to prepare them for secondary school Design and Technology / STEM subjects.

I made a big decision a few years ago to make a career change, from Engineering into Education. I worked in secondary school in D&T and found it uninspiring, it reminded me so much of when I saw the raw recruits coming into Engineering in my previous life. The course was dull, it all seemed such a chore for the teachers and children and it was not exciting at all. Skill levels, core knowledge and confidence was poor, a direct result of lack of preparedness from primary school. I then started to look at primary education and getting involved with that. I quickly realised that from a young age children are like sponges, they want to absorb everything that that are interested in and what better way is there to instil and build on an interest but to give them the tools and resources to help them discover for themselves.



I totally understand that teachers are under huge pressure with time and resources. Targets are set by schools and Ofsted and the emphasis has been on hitting and maintain levels. Other areas of development have suffered because of this and that is the gap which Tech4primary intends to fill. I have a passion for Design and Engineering, I also love to see children discover and learn things for themselves and above all else give them the confidence to tinker and to delve into things. Nothing is more satisfying then to see someone thinking through a problem, playing with it, trying different methods until it works the way they want it to!