Tech Parties

Looking for something a little different for a birthday, other special occasion or even just to keep a bunch of children busy for a while? These are aimed at children aged from 4 to 12 and are fantastic fun! We can supply kits directly to you with clear instructions and a working example if you want to let the kids loose to make their own. If you feel brave enough then you can guide them through building the kits or we can come along to manage the chaos ourselves (so long as cake is supplied!).

Depending on age, ability and number of children parties can run from 1 to 3 hours. If you chose to decide that you want one of us to come along and run the tech bit of the party we can bring a selection of built up kits and robots so the kids can try out some challenges as well as building their own. We’ll also bring along whatever laptops or tablets are needed where some coding needs to happen. If you fancy having a bit of 3D printing going on please understand that prints can take a bit of time but pre-printed parts can be prepared before so everyone gets to take something home!

Superfast Rail Racer is exactly what is says. At about 5 meters long and twin track it is like a mini drag race and it is incredibly fast. Children can design car bodies to fit onto the chassis and compete in time trials.

There is a range of Birthdaybots available which can be personalised and are either push button programmed or coded with free software.

We totally understand that there may be something that is not listed that might be of particular interest so please contact us with any special requirements.